Over recent years, governments worldwide came to the conclusion that current public warning channels such as sirens, radio and TV are no longer sufficient.

As people carry mobile phones with them wherever they go, using the mobile phone as an alert device is an obvious choice. SMS Broadcast has therefore garnered much interest from governments across the world for emergency alerts services.

Mactro’s products work on the assumption that even when mobile carrier services are down, people will still have their handsets with them. All Mactro needs to then do, is communicate with these handsets.

The Mactro Emergency SMS Alert Broadcaster is able to send out messages to a mobile phone’s SMS inbox, with or without a working cellular service. Using this easy to operate portable transmitter, you will be able to send out a one-way broadcast message - complete with a personalized alpha-numeric sender ID - that will be received by all mobile phones, regardless of their frequency or carrier, so long as they are within its range of reception.

The sender does even not have to know the mobile numbers of the recipients, as the message will pass through the Mactro Emergency SMS Alert Broadcaster’s own transmitter, bypassing the regular telcos’, to reach mobile phone users. The portable transmitter may be set up in five minutes, and may be powered by a car battery or through solar cells.

SMS Broadcast is a robust and proven technology. It distributes text messages and binary content to mobile handsets specific to their location and within a matter of seconds. Ideal for emergency alerts and other time-sensitive services. SMS Broadcast also enables revenue-generating services that rely on location, such as mobile advertising and dynamic tariffing.

With SMS Broadcast, it is possible to send a text message to thousands of cellphones, in near real-time, with location specific information without being affected by network congestion.


When activated, the Broadcaster aquires the IMEI/IMSI identity of all mobile devices within the range. User can define the Senders Name (number or letters) and the Message can be sent on high speed regardless of what network provider, phone models, band or standards.


Transmission report along with other information is automaticaly logged for your later ducumentation. The broadcast is anonymous and does not require any mobile subscribers number. Our technology penetrates mobile devices connected to  GSM, UMTS, 3G and LTE.


Importantly, our technology utilizes an independent network signalling different from voice and data capacity use by cellular providers therefore not affected by network congestion. Our SMS Broadcaster works even the cell-sites are down, making it ideal for emergency alerts.


Comparison with other solution

PLATFORM MACTRO SMS Broadcaster Multi-SIM Text Blaster Online / Bulk / SIP SMS Telco Cell Broadcast
Full Admin Control User User Host Provider Telco
Subscribers Number Not Required Required Required Limited to its Subscribers
SIM Card Not Required Required Not Required Not Required
Network Independent Telco Dependent Host & Telco Dependent Telco Dependent
Message Length 140-160 characters 140-160 characters 140-160 characters 93 characters
Sender Branding Name or Number SIM Number Name or Number Name or Number
Broadcast Effectivity All Telco / All Networks Specific Telco Specific Telco Partner Specific Telco Subscribers
Location based Targeting Yes No No Yes
Message based Targeting Yes Requires pre-registered numbers Requires pre-registered numbers Yes
Bi-directionality Supports URL or number to reply Supports URL or number to reply Supports URL or number to reply No
Network Congestion No Yes Yes No if priority mode
Radio Transmission Active only when sending Continuous Continuous Continuous
Equipment Mobility Yes Yes No No
Delivery Reports Yes Yes Yes No
Repetition Rate Yes No No Yes
Message Storage Inbox Inbox Inbox Handset dependent
Broadcast Reception Messaging Function and Flash Messaging Function Messaging Function Requires users activation
Cost Free per Send per Send per Send